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Cuffs have been my favorite piece of jewelry for quite sometime.  I think of style icons like the Duchess of Windsor and Diana Vreeland wearing these bold statements on one or both wrists.  There are plenty of modern day versions by fantastic designers like Herve van der Straeten, Kara Ross, and Elsa Peretti (fashion muse of Halston).  Designers like Tory Burch regularly show cuffs with their clothing collections.  In the February 2010 issue of Vogue, I saw the most beautiful cuff, designed by Vogue editor Sally Singer in collaboration with Cartier.  It was comprised of three small cuffs of gold edged in diamonds, with one larger cuff of the same design with a large blush colored morganite stone.  The four cuffs interlocked in a new way, a technology that Cartier had to create from scratch.  Here are some of my latest faves.

Yves Saint Laurent

Herve van der Straeten

Herve van der Straeten

The metal works of van der Straeten never fail in the beauty department.  His work is always strong and futuristic, but always pretty at the same time.

Herve van der Straeten

Kara Ross

This cuff is a lovely combination of smooth gold with inserts of a textural shagreen (stingray skin) fashioned in metal.

Kara Ross

A snake on each wrist will surely keep you safe…and chic!

Tory Burch with pyrite

Tory Burch

Monique Pean

horn cuff from Vivre

ivory cuff from Vivre

cuff from Vivre

Spiders can make an elegant addition to jewelry.  The faux bois (false wood) of the cuff above is beautiful as is, but once you add an eight-legged creature made of peridot, you have something all-together eerily beautiful.

cuff by SURevolution

Elsa Peretti for Tiffany & Co.

Nature is a constant inspiration of Peretti’s.  The bone was the inspiration for these cuffs found at Tiffany’s fabricated in gold, silver, and an interesting grey hematite finish.

Elsa Peretti cuff in hematite


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