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My ideal table for Easter takes the typical spring colors to the next level by mixing in some jewel tones.  My inspiration started with the subtle, rich color of Wedgwood Drabware, which will serve as the main dinnerware, and the interesting hues found in Araucana chicken eggs.  These will form the base palette of soft taupe, blue, green, lilac, and pink.  Add some bright flowers, gem colored bowls and eggs and you have something very elegant, bold and perfectly spring like.

Wedgwood Drabware

Martha Stewart's Drabware collection

Drabware is far from drab, in fact the rich shade would be a beautiful room color, as seen below.  It works with any other color.

Martha at her Drabware-inspired former home Turkey Hill

Araucana eggs

A natural inspiration!

These super thin glasses are my favorite all the time…breakfast to dinner party.  I also love similar versions in bold colors like amethyst and blue.

hemstitched linens

Sferra linens are among the best!  I imagine a tablecloth and napkins in a pale blue, purple or spring green.

stone eggs

These stone eggs would be gorgeous filling a bowl, but they are very pricey.  One at each place setting set on top of the plate and napkin would be equally pretty, and if you’re feeling generous, a great take-home gift.

Bakelite flatware

A pretty Bakelite or ivory handled flatware would be a perfect compliment to this table.


A simple arrangement in a glass cylinder of each color, from the palest to the deepest, down the center of the table (one color per vase) would be stunning!

stone bowls and crystals

Stone bowls scattered about the table could be empty or some could be filled with colored real eggs, or pretty treats.  Rock crystal points would work as well…just a few.

coffee time


If your celebration involves coffee and dessert, keep the Wedgwood theme going with beautiful Lusterware in a shimmering copper or pretty pink like below.  A cappuccino would look so pretty in these!

Wedgwood pink Lusterware

Petit fours anyone?


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