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There are two Chloes I love, Chloe Sevigny the actress, and Chloe the fashion label.  Chloe the fashion house has a longer history of prestige, having as Creative Director not once, but twice Karl Lagerfeld, followed later on by designers I love, Stella McCartney, Phoebe Philo (now at Celine), and current designer Hannah MacGibbon.  All of these designers have contributed generously to the feminine brand.  MacGibbon has kept a soft seventies vibe going, a decade very much influential to me.  Chloe Sevigny has made the brand seem as if it is her own, not only donning the clothes often, but now appearing in both print and television ads.  When I first saw the print ad, my jaw dropped, because it was another example of an idea I had, brought to reality (always a little frustrating, yet fulfilling).  Sevigny has a very personal style that I love to watch.  I’ll be honest that she’s had some misses, but even those misses are great, because she wore them confidently.  Below I’ve spotlighted Chloe in Chloe, and some highlights from the spring 2010 Chloe runway.

Chloe Sevigny

Chloe Sevigny at a polo match

Chloe at a Chloe event

One of my favorite looks on Sevigny, or almost any woman, is a short short or romper paired with an oversized tailored jacket.  The pushed-up sleeve is another fave…very chic Miami Vice.

Chloe as the face of Chloe parfum

bottles as art

looks from spring 2010

The spring collection was highly neutral, with structured jackets, pants, and some amazing leather over-alls.  I could see Chloe Sevigny in almost every look.

a tiered dress from spring 2010

a sheer confection from spring 2010

Gisele in the same dress

a dress from spring 2010

Some of my favorite looks from the spring runway were the frothy sheer, pleated dresses.

spring 2007

I believe this was Phoebe Philo’s last collection for Chloe.  One of her inspirations was the stylish Gloria Vanderbilt, who in the seventies had a famously decorated bedroom that was floor to wall to ceiling patchwork quilts (as seen in the skirt).

an advertisement for the current collection has the same spirit, and model Raquel Zimmerman


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