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Since the downstairs half bath is in the middle of various spaces like the living and dining rooms, and kitchen and family room, it needs to have a decorative scheme that makes sense with all those spaces.  It’s not a large space and is windowless, so it needs to be simple and bright.  Here’s what I have in mind:

an inspiring bath

floor color

I envision a woodgrain paper as seen above being used in the space for textural interest.  You might be thinking, wallpaper in a bathroom?  It typically is not the best idea for a bathroom from a practicality standpoint due to water and humidity.  Since this bathroom consists of just a toilet and sink, and will not have near the amount of use as the other baths, I’m going to go with it.  You could always put a top coat on it just in case or find a great vinyl coated paper like a grasscloth.  The paper would be a neutral tone that works with the taupe concrete floor that continues into this space.

pedestal sink

Waterworks faucet

pivoting mirror

I’ve kept the main fixtures classic in style and in a crisp white as seen in the sink and toilet, and polished chrome in things like the mirror and other fittings.  There are great resources for these styles like Restoration Hardware, but finding vintage pieces is a better way to go if you’re wanting an environmentally conscience space.  Salvaged fixtures can sometimes even be less expensive but a lot of the time need refurbishing.  Check out Urban Archeology for both old and new.

ceramic sockets

another inspiring bathroom


Instead of going the traditional route with pretty sconces, I’ve looked back in history and have devised a more utilitarian approach to lighting.  I’ve combined simple white ceramic light sockets (which you could find used) and added a “mercury” dipped bulb to them (referencing the entryway fixture) .  One would be on each side of the chrome mirror (similar to the bathroom above), and the silvers would play off of each other.  Since the silvered bulb will cast the light back onto the wall instead of on the person, this isn’t a great idea for a bathroom where makeup will be applied regularly.  This is creating more of a mood for a bathroom that will be frequented by guests.  I could also see a hanging version of this from the ceiling to bounce light up.

towel bars

Since I’ve started with chrome in the bathroom fittings, I’m going to continue with it.  I love these also for the clear glass bar itself that will fade into the woodgrain background.

kitchen towels for the bathroom

a creative display of towels

The typical cotton terrycloth towels that you will find in the main baths can sometimes be too bulky in a small powder room.  The thinner linen towels more commonly found in kitchens are a fun substitute.  These can be found in new organic materials, or just go to the weekend flea market and pickup some vintage ones that are colorful or that have pattern or embroidery.  I like the idea of hanging multiple towel bars above each other to create a display, promoting simple kitchen towels to art.

organic soaps

Don’t forget the soap!

hellebores blooms

…and flowers!!  Arrange a handful of whatever is growing in a simple glass kitchen tumbler or other small pretty container.


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