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Summer has me thinking about a lot of things, from what to wear, where to go, and how to entertain.  Peonies are the flower of summer that I’m obsessed with right now, and I want them in masses for my home, parties, etc.  They can be found at my local farmer’s market and can probably be found at yours if you live somewhere where they grow profusely.  From white, to the palest and the brightest pinks imaginable, to deep crimson shades, peonies are perfect for all your summer entertaining…or a wedding!

peonies at Martha Stewart's annual peony party

Small copper cups were used here, but simple juice glasses could be an easy substitute.

the peony party

From the garden right to a lavish garden party.

Martha Stewart's peony garden

Rows of peonies of every color and variety.  This is a gardener’s dream…and one of mine!

Martha arranging some blooms

a uniquely beautiful peony

hemstitched linens

I purchased the brightest pink hemstitched linen napkins years ago with the idea of a summer party I would have.  Those linens have yet to be used!!  This is the summer!

Wedgwood dinnerware

For that party I imagine a white tablecloth, all-white dinnerware, and simple vases full of different shades of peonies.  The napkins I own will pop and play off of all those blooms beautifully.

peony-inspired invites

My party will be much too low key for invitations this elaborate, but aren’t these pretty?  Attention all summer wedding people!

a simple bouquet

It can take just a few bigger than life peony blooms to make a bouquet, which means they are one of the prettiest and most inexpensive flowers to use.

my favorite bright pink peonies

One of my favorite living rooms by Jeffrey Bilhuber.  Wood paneling, plaster ceiling, and carved stone fireplace in this Greenwich manor house play off of mostly neutrals with some dark horsehair upholstery and ice blue silk panels.  The vibrancy of the pink peonies adds a burst of energy!

room by Jeffrey Bilhuber

The interiors most of us live in can use the color these flowers offer.  Two large arrangements add so much life to this beautiful neutral room.


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