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A room should always be in flux.  Each season is an opportunity to add that season’s offerings to your space like flowers or a bowl of fruit.  These are fairly inexpensive ways to change things up every once in a while.  If your room is well-designed and has good pieces of core furniture (i.e. sofas, chairs, etc.) and has a pretty palette, the easier it will be to make subtle changes.  An investment in a few good accessories can be worth it too, and they can be used over and over, but replaced every so often with other select pieces.  Here are some of my favorite accessories to add to a room right now, and the room that inspired them.  Be cautious with them and select only two or three.  All of these in one room could be too much pretty for the eyes to handle.

room by Jeffrey Bilhuber

Neutrals when used right can be just as beautiful and impactful as color.  This room is painted a warm white and has been paired with grey-blues and toffees.  A marble mantle, crystal chandelier, pretty sconces, gilded settee and other fancy elements if done wrong would make this room appear stuffy.  This room is quite the opposite, looking very modern with its well-edited objects and furniture.  A woven rug is a humble element under foot, while details on furniture like the upholstery tape and scalloped bottom of the slipper chairs are not shy at all.

coffee table with geodes

A beautiful vintage coffee table with embedded geodes from a new favorite source for antiques, Craig van den Brulle in New York City.  A white orchid would be stunning placed on this now with a stack of books,  but I can see it in the fall with an arrangement of deep purple calla lilies or oddly colored anemones.Walnut chairs by mid-20th-century designer T.H. Robsjohn Gibbings work well side by side or across from each other as part of a seating arrangement.  They are as space saving as other wonderful slipper chairs and can move around a room with such ease, or into another room altogether.

Robsjohn Gibbings chairs

Adnet "bamboo" lamps

Bamboo lamps forged in brass by Jacques Adnet would be gorgeous on either side of a sofa or settee.  These provide ample light without taking up too much space.  You could pair one with a small-scale table to have a place to set a drink.

A cast bronze table also from Craig van den Brulle would work well as a side table left bare with sconces above or in twos as a coffee table substitute.  This could also act as extra seating.  Again, move small pieces like this from room to room.

vintage chandelier

This vintage chandelier has all the dazzle of a more formal crystal light, but has something modern about it.  The low hanging glass strands would be so dramatic in a room with a high ceiling.

sconce from Vaughan

A gilded sconce is always luxurious, but add some rough cut stones like amethyst and you have something beyond description.  Imagine these as the only light on in a room paired with candles…so romantic!

Another dramatic source of light.  You know how I feel about crystals!

modern sculpture

A small sculpture like this on a tabletop adds some modernity and a bit more luxury with the cast bronze on marble base.

objects from Ruzzetti & Gow

My favorite Interior Designer, Jeffrey Bilhuber, puts white paper stars on tables or in bowls in his clients homes.  These objects are a similar gesture that fits the summer season due to the urchin design.  I would put one on a stack of books.

Tortoise has always been an exotic material used throughout history.  It’s not ethical today to kill these creatures, but so many faux options are available, and if you can find an old relic then enjoy…but you’ll pay for it (financially, I mean).

coral fan from Ruzzetti & Gow

Ruzzetti & Gow

Put one or two objects on stands like a shell (tortoise or sea), coral, sea fans, ostrich eggs, etc. on the mantle or a table.  Ruzzetti & Gow makes fantastic ones as does Eduardo Garza (see the tortoise shell above).

art by Richard Serra

Art is vital to a room!  It doesn’t have to be expensive, but it must be personal and something you love.  If you have a lot of wall space or high ceilings, go big and bold!  If a space is more formal, I like to add a modern piece like a Richard Serra, Cy Twombly, etc. to keep it cool.


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