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Children’s rooms become adolescent rooms in the blink of an eye!  Far too much money is spent giving a room a cute theme that will become passe  anyway.  There are some simple rules to keep in mind when decorating your bundle of joy’s room.  Choose a nice color (sophisticated not childlike), add great furniture that will stand the test of time, and better yet transform into other things, bring in some museum worthy art (prints from the museum shop are perfect!), and let the child’s toys that scatter the floor create the childlike mood!  I have quite a few nieces and nephews and a little great nephew.  Thinking about them got me thinking about the spaces I want my future children to have.  I want them to be comfortable, inspiring, and ones they can grow into and make their own someday.

Stella McCartney for Gap

I think more simple clothing, just like a simple nursery, is appropriate for baby and lets their cuteness outshine their fashions.

apartment of Mariska Hargitay

Even the most sophisticated rooms can make room for baby!  Soft upholstery and low tables with rounded edges are pretty and will keep you from having to add unsightly baby proofing items.

nursery of Mariska Hargitay

Baby and kid’s rooms should have elements found in other rooms in the house, like grownup artwork.  It’s not only beautiful and colorful, but will stimulate a child’s brain.  Jacqueline Kennedy filled John Jr. and Caroline’s rooms in the White House with precious paintings in gilt frames.  I prefer grownup upholstered chairs over ugly rockers, and you can even find chairs that rock that look like normal chairs.  They are just as comfortable and can be moved to another room after your baby is all grown.  Please don’t put a baby rocker in the living room!

A modern bassinet will stand the test of time with however many children you have, and can be passed down to the next generation.

David Netto collection

David Netto collection

David Netto makes my favorite baby and kid’s furniture (and Polar Bear rockers).  Different wood stains and lacquer combinations let you customize your own.  I personally like the dark wood with white lacquer…although the blue lacquer is pretty amazing!

Jenna Lyons's nursery

J. Crew Creative Director, Jenna Lyons, has added her fashion touch to her own child’s nursery with a striped ceiling and elegant black wall (this could be a chalkboard).  Sheepskin rugs are another sophisticated touch that I like in other rooms.  Here they give baby a soft place to fall.

mobile by Alexander Calder

No cutesy mobiles for me please!  Alexander Calder makes fantastic works of art that may be unrealistically priced for the average nursery.  Look at museum shops for less expensive versions, and while you’re there look at the other art and reproduction furniture that’s offered.  You can sometimes find mini Eames and Mies.

Apple's room

Gwenyth Paltrow’s daughter Apple has a sophisticated room that she will easily grow into.  Fabrics that would be used in the living room find themselves here as bed hangings.  Bright pink fabric and monogramed bedding is what gives this room the kid appeal.  Keep stuffed animals to a minimum and add fresh flowers here too.  Peonies, roses and daisies are loved by the little ones just as much as the grownups.

Stella McCartney for Gap

Stella McCartney for Gap

Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney puts just as much thought into her kids’ clothes as she does her womenswear.  Embroidered tulle dresses for girls and Sgt. Pepper-inspired jackets for boys.  She’s the mother of three and expecting one more, so she knows what kids want…she just asks her own!

children's library by Kelly Wearstler

A room devoted to books is great if you can have it.  All the colorful covers act as decoration in this room, and a black and white check table acts as seating and a surface for drawing, etc.

room by Kelly Wearstler

The blues and greens here are bright and fun, but sophisticated as well.  An upholstered daybed can be turned the other direction as the child ages and lose one end becoming a classic upholstered headboard.  Grownup tufted chairs have been covered in practical leather in a cool blue.  The Moroccan poufs are also a fun surprise!


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