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With each season there comes the opportunity to freshen up our spaces and make them appropriate for the season.  Although it is technically still summer, when September 1st rolls around, my thoughts turn a little bit more towards fall.  I’ve comprised a list of small and big things to do to welcome autumn to each room.  Here is my shortlist… 
1. roll out heavier rugs like wool or felt to replace summer’s sisal or bare wood floors
2. switch out sofa pillows with richer colors, patterns and textiles; replace linen with a burnt-out velvet for example
3.change tabletop arrangements of accessories; no need to start from scratch, just freshen and bring in seasonally appropriate objects; think about replacing coral with rock crystal for the season
4. re-arrange your wall art; add new pieces to the mix or just play around with what you have
5. add throws to your furniture; a chunky woven blanket or fur throw (faux or real…I won’t judge) to the sofa or bed
6. bring in deeper hues and texture through accessories, pillows, or go big and repaint your walls to add warmth; adding black furniture in place of white painted furniture is great too
7. place a basket of firewood next to your fireplace if you have one or get a bunch of candles (flameless are fantastic too) to place throughout your space
8. make sure to have great lighting (year round) for those gloomier days and nights; table lamps and sconces are a wonderful mix
9. change out your bedding; I love crisp white sheets all the time, but layer in some pattern and color for the season
10. add seasonal fresh cuts and plants; a palette of plums and dusty pinks is my favorite right now; orchids work year round and plants like boxwood or myrtle in topiary form are great

a mix of flowers and fruit


This mix of big hydrangeas, calla lillies, parrot tulips, and hellebores blooms with deep hued plums, blackberries and grapes is stunning in a pewter bowl!  

lamps by Christopher Spitzmiller


Just a few rich colors found in accessories can be all you need to take your room from summer to fall.   

a pretty arrangement


Darker furniture, upholstery and walls seen here are not overly dark thanks to some light fabric panels, sparkly accessories like a Venetian mirror, and pretty blooms.  A great fall room should never feel like a cave.   

black painted furniture


Black painted furniture (this table used to be white) and richly colored walls and ceiling are so inviting.  The green Venetian glass chandelier adds a special touch but keeps things light.  

a rich hued room


 Dark tortoise patterned walls play very well with lighter sofa and window fabrics.  I love the texture that the bamboo bookshelf and deer skin patterned rug bring to this space.  

pillow by John Robshaw


 Velvets and other heavier fabrics are great additions to a fall room, but cottons still work too, especially when done in beautiful ethnic prints.  John Robshaw and Madeline Weinrib make lovely ikats and other bold prints.  

a tableau


Bring new life to your room’s surfaces!  Worldly boxes with  amazing texture are perfect mixed with a simple white orchid.  I LOVE the art leaning against the table on the floor.  Why not?  

objects and textures for the season


 Another beautiful arrangement of well-chosen objects.  So many fantastic textures here!  Velvet and silk upholstery, parchment covered walls, textural accent tables, rock crystals.  It’s all so good!  

fur throws


If you’ve read my blog you know how I feel about de Gournay wallpaper.  LOVE!  The fur throw is really what I want to spotlight…look how it transforms this bed from cool to warm instantly even with existing white sheets.   

Japanese cork walls


 I’ve been holding on to this photo of a cork covered library.  I’m not saying you need to go this far to change your room for fall, but it adds such an unexpected texture.  Changing out your art is also made very easy since nail holes can’t be seen.  This room was designed by Miles Redd for an executive of Tom Ford who has quite the rotating collection of art and photographs.  The greek-key burnt out pillow is lovely too!  

malachite box from Ruzzetti & Gow


Luxurious textures are a must for autumn!   

a luxe living room


 This gardenia green and ice blue combo is one of my new favorites!  It feels rich and light at the same time.  Animal print is huge in fashion for fall and is always a classic for the home.  A little goes a long way!!  


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