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My friend Angela is a young Architect in the beautiful city of Seattle.  She’s just starting out, so she’s not quite at the point that she can be wearing a Chanel suit to the office or job site, so I’ve comprised a list of 10 essentials that will see her through the work week and beyond, without breaking the bank.  These should be in every woman’s closet, and although basic, it’s all about the accessories to make them perfectly you.  Soon enough, Angela will be able to dress without a budget due to her amazing talent.  Until then, she and all of you can find great staple pieces at stores like Gap, J. Crew and H & M.  Check out H & M soon when they debut a capsule collection by my favorite french label Lanvin!

cardigan from Gap

It’s all about layering when you’re going from summer to fall to winter.  Offices are unpredictable too, so if it’s cooler or warmer, you’re not stuck without options.  I like the placement of the buttons on this one…it’s less expected.  They will, however,  draw more attention to the hips, but make the overall torso look longer. 

pants from Gap

 These are my favorite True Straight black pants.  They elongate the leg and seem more modern than a lot of other fits.

the white shirt from Gap

 It doesn’t have to be white, but a classic button down will surely see you through the work week.

Gap pencil skirt

 Always, ALWAYS flattering…on everyone!  Black, grey, camel or brown, choose your favorite neutral and pair it with everything.  I like a higher rise pencil skirt, which actually hides a lot of what most women don’t want others to see.  Get yourself a great belt, and tuck in a pretty blouse.  Done!

the perfect blazer from J. Crew

 With a pair of dress pants or jeans, or a fabulous sequin skirt, a blazer better be in your closet!  I love rolling the sleeves for a more casual look.  My favorite designer Stella McCartney always has at least one great blazer in her collection.  If you can, I would definitely invest in one of her bespoke tailoring-inspired jackets.

dark denim from Gap

For those more casual work days, a great pair of jeans is much needed.  I always say go dark when choosing a wash.  Dark denim is seasonless and flattering on everyone!  I like this Long and Lean jean, because it makes you look taller, and with the flared leg opening, it balances out your proportions if you are a little hippier.

a classic trench from J. Crew

 A must-have for the weather of the Northwest.  This neutral will work with everything and if you find a little bit heavier wool it can take you into winter.

canvas tote from L.L. Bean

 The perfect carryall for the busy professional.  This is a practical yet simply stylish alternative to a purse and briefcase combination.  Small bags could be kept inside to organize personal belongings from work…and don’t forget the blueprints!

neutral pump from Piperlime

As far as accessories go, try and get the most for your money by investing in classic styles and colors for pumps or boots.  I always love a good neutral shoe.  This color works with black, grey, brown or navy.  Angela is in Seattle, so I would stay away from suede due to the rain.

glass bead necklace by J. Crew

 To add life to all the basic pieces I’ve chosen, have fun with accessories.  Add an animal print or solid hued shoe or bag, and play with jewelry.  I like a bold necklace or an earring.


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