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As always, I’m looking for beautiful objects to lust over.  I was reminded of an article in a past issue of Elle Decor for many of these objects designed by the likes of Eduardo Garza and interior designer Kelly Wearstler, and found at shops like Ruzzetti & Gow and Bergdorf-Goodman.  Keep these things in mind when you’re freshening your home for fall and winter, as well as when you are gift giving.

objects for the home, and some to wear

 I especially love the gold covered shell by Ruzzetti & Gow and the napkin ring and turquoise “object” by Eduardo Garza.

a metlal object by Kelly Wearstler rests in a pretty bowl

A simple but beautiful pairing to put on a coffee table. 

wood objects by Kelly Wearstler, etc.
a cabinet of curiosities

 An oversized bust joins other interesting objects.  The urchin is from Ruzzetti & Gow and the candlesticks are by Ted Muehling.  Geode-inspired fabric was designed by Jim Thompson and reminds me of the over-the-top work of Tony Duquette.

inlaid box by Kelly Wearstler
for the cocktail table

 The shell is from Ruzzetti & Gow and the tray and box were designed by Kelly Wearstler and can be found at her shop within a shop at Bergdorf-Goodman.  I love the gilt pears too!

objects from Ruzzetti & Gow, etc.

 The guilded sides of the amethyst geode take something already stunning to the next level.  The jack and Chinese horse are also sophisticated objects for table surfaces or shelves.

serving pieces by Hermes

 I discovered this tableware recently in Elle Decor and fell in love!  It comes in full place settings as well as serving pieces.  What a fantastic housewarming gift for a holiday dinner.  Bring some delicious soup and leave the tureen if you can bare parting with it’s beauty!

wood deerhead from Roost

 One above the mantle or in multiples across a wall, these faux deer add some modern whimsy to a space.  This was the over fireplace art selected for a recent client of mine.

glass hurricanes with sea fans from Roost

These typically beachy feeling sea fans that surround glass vessels have an almost icey appearance for the winter months.

shell bracket from Ruzzetti & Gow

 Hung on the wall and left empty, or with a simple glass hurricane with a candle, these are a pretty addition to a dining room or any room really.  Shells executed in this manner don’t bother me even if the home isn’t by the sea or it’s not summer (i’ve explained my rules on this subject before); just a reminder that context and seasonal appropriateness is highly important to me (i.e. no seashells in Aspen), but I sometimes break my own rules!

taxidermy peacocks from Ruzzetti & Gow

 These aren’t really a new obsession, but I’ve been thinking about them more as we go into the colder seasons, especially the white one for the holiday decor I’m imagining.

peacock in the New York living room of Jeffrey Bilhuber

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