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I usually relate to the aesthetic of east coast designers even though I do not inhabit that beautiful part of the country.  However, there are some west coasters that have and will continue to inspire my work.  Kelly Wearstler and Tony Duquette have created some of the most luxurious designs and interiors, and I love myself some luxury!  I would highly recommend adding a piece or two from any of their collections.  Wearstler will continue to create new designs, but the work of the late Duquette is a little trickier to get your hands on, but thanks to some great sources it’s a little easier than it used to be.  I would love to host a holiday soiree using Wearstler’s china, and take a winter escape to the Tides hotel in South Beach she designed.  If I can’t get away soon I’ll just have to add some Wearstler/Duquette touches.  More rock crystal perhaps?

hardware by Eduardo Garza

 I have shown much of his work previously, but I just can’t get enough!   It’s like jewelry for your home!!  This is the quickest and most subtle way of adding a little luxe.

a malachite inspired fabric

 This fabric is amazing!  It’s a bold color, but the pattern is so subtle that I could see it being used in a big way, perhaps as bed hangings, covering walls to look like slabs of stone, or as upholstery.  Very Tony Duquette!!

furnishings by Tony Duquette

 Some of Duquette’s work is being reproduced by Baker Furniture for all of us to enjoy!  This console and mirror are among my favorites.  Kelly Wearstler has used versions of the mirror in her various projects including the Tides hotel.

resin obelisk by Tony Duquette

 Among his many out of this world creations is a shell and resin obelisk  available through  This site is the best source for vintage and antique furnishings.

the lobby at the Tides

 Kelly Wearstler created one of the most beautiful lobbys ever with curved and tufted sofas, vintage chairs upholstered in what looks like Fortuny fabric, cool lamps, screens and brass stools as well as touches from the sea like coral.  The coral display in the background is an especially bold statement that the ocean is just steps away.

vintage tortoise shells

These shells line the walls of the restaurant at the Tides hotel.  I’ve been obsessed with tortoise for quite sometime, but a recent project has me especially gaga for them.  Of course, they have to be vintage or faux, because we must preserve these creatures  today.

restaurant at the Tides hotel in Miami

 I’ve talked about this restaurant and the hotel it’s in before in Designer Spotlight: Kelly Wearstler, but I’ve been thinking about it lately as winter becomes more apparent.  I would love to run away to Florida and stay and eat at this stunning hotel!

china designs by Kelly Wearstler
a tablescape by Kelly Wearstler

 Wearstler has created amazing dinnerware and linens through Pickard China and Sferra respectively. and

cuff by Beth Orduna

A favorite jewelry designer of Kelly Wearstler for her unique and bold creations is Beth Orduna.  Bring the luxurious touches of Wearstler and Duquette to yourself as well as your home.  Tony Duquette created some of the most stunning jewelry as well.  This “worm hole” cuff was my favorite from her website


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