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Well the holidays are fully upon us!  My initial inspiration for fall and winter tabletops was shown in Turning the Table and was transformed using some of the same pieces for Thanksgiving in Turning the Table: Part II.  Now I have a truly winter-inspired table in mind.  Almost all the color has been removed, with an icey white, grey blue and purple palette.  White and pewter dinnerware and candlesticks have been brought back from table’s past, and a simple white tablecloth becomes the backdrop.  Unique blooms like anemones, thistle, and non-blooms like snowberries will set the stage for a holiday gathering.  I would either arrange them together, or could see them seperated by type in simple containers as seen below on an all white table.  I don’t create traditional tablescapes, so Christmas green and red was never an option for me.  I prefer the idea of winter rather than specifically Christmas.  This allows for any type of holiday event to take place.  Hanukkah, Christmas, New Year’s Eve…it can all happen around this table!  Happy Holidays!


 What is considered a weed to many is in fact one of the loveliest additions to a winter arrangement.  The color is so spot on with my holiday table palette.


Don’t think that the bitter winter weather doesn’t offer beautiful living things.  Blooms are harder to find in most places, but trees are found covered in branches full of berries both brightly hued and colorless. 

ivory flatware

 Go to tag sales and flea markets and pick up pretty flatware to complete a set (matching or not).  Ivory, horn or bakelite would be lovely on this table.

an unusual white winter arrangement

 A more avant garde arrangement featuring the snowberries, grass, and what could be white roses, peonies or hydrangeas.  This would bring a more modern edge in a clean row down the table.

Ted Muehling tabletop pieces

The texture of these pieces I showed in Turning the Table would be gorgeous with the texture found in my flower arrangements.  Plain white dinnerware from any store would be perfectly appropriate too. 

purple anemones

 My favorite bloom of all time!  They are moody and come in some of the prettiest shades.  I would use the purple ones as a beautiful addition to the white blooms, berries and thistle.  They would all be arranged in either simple glass cylinders (my go-to for flowers) or white pottery containers.  I would also wear one on my lapel!

Ted Muehling candlesticks

 These candlesticks are getting great use this fall and winter.  I love just a touch of metal to the white color scheme.

an all white table

 This is so much like I had in mind!  Just add a little of the pewter accents and the blues and purples and you have my table.  I love that each vase has one type of bloom.  It’s more modern.

Marta glass from CB2

 This glass is my go-to for everyday sipping and for even the most formal of parties.  It’s paper thin glass is super chic, simple and inexpensive.  Add simple wine glasses or glasses appropriate for any cocktail you’re serving.

fruit and vegetable centerpiece

Another option besides flowers could be this combination of brussel sprouts and blackberries, or any pretty mix you can think of.  I like the idea of the green mixed in with all the white. 

Juliska pewter dinnerware

I brought this dinnerware back from my Thanksgiving table and would mix it with solid white dinnerware and place it on a white linen tablecloth with white napkins. 

an inspiring table

This table is absolutely stunning!  I imagine a simplified version of this with less fussy flower arrangements (ones I can do myself), but the color palette of whites and silver is very much what I want my table to have with a little bit of the dusty purples and grey blues.  The peacock is something I am definitely coveting.  I adore antique taxidermy, particularly birds.  I would display mine on a lacquered linen pedestal. 

What to wear?….

dress by Stella McCartney

 Imagine a little candlelight and the paillettes (large sequins essentially) underneath a sheer layer of fabric on this dress.  Gorgeous!

Tom Ford suit and tie

 A white dinner jacket and black pants have always been a favorite look of mine on a man.  It takes me back to another time.  The patterned tie and pocket square add more sophistication to the look, and in classic Tom Ford style, a bloom has been added to the lapel.  Just steal a flower left over from the table arrangements, a white rose, purple anemone or even a sprig of the snowberries.

dress by Stella McCartney

 The nude colored sheer overlay on lace looks ethereal and with the longer back it has a subtle reminiscence of the white peacock above.  I love the nude shoe as well!

menswear by Tom Ford

A little bit more casual holiday look, yet no less polished then the suit and bowtie.  The white and neutral combination plays off of the tablescape perfectly!


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