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I may have gotten over inspired for my holiday game night, but I hope you get just inpired enough for yours!  I am planning on having some variation on the parties I show below for my New Year’s Eve with friends.  Whether you plan on having a sit down dinner party followed by games, or go straight to play, I think there is something here for any situation.  There are a few different color schemes that I think are especially ideal, but keep in mind your Christmas decor and colors, since they may still be up, and plan accordingly to coordinate for your game night.  Here are my favorites:
1.  all white; from the furniture, flowers, and tableware
2.  white with accents of silver and blues; perfect for Hannukah
3.  white with accents of gold with green foliage or flowers
4.  white with colorful flowers or fun patterned plates or table linens

simple arrangements

 White blooms simply arranged would work with any game night color scheme you choose.  I love that these peonies are in beakers!

a great game room

 I found this photo quite awhile back and loved it as the setting for my game night.  The masculine wood paneled walls with all the white has a modernity to it even though all the furnishings are quite traditional.  And look, there’s already a game table set up!  Just add flowers, candlelight, food, and great family and friends.

gold flatware

 Silver or stainless steel flatware should remain a staple of your table, but gold toned flatware is so gorgeous for the holidays when in a modern shape.  Check out Calvin Klein Home and Conran Shop for options. and

23k gold “dotted” dinnerware

 A modern take on formal gold-rimmed china, these plates from are so lovely.  Like fireworks on your plate!

let’s make a deal!

 A pretty object on it’s own, this gold hand by Kelly Wearstler can deal out any card game.

game table by Kelly Wearstler

 This table designed by Kelly Wearstler for House Beautiful awhile back is what really got me started thinking about game night.  A vintage table by Karl Springer holds a vessel of greenery from the garden (if you’re in a sunny spot right now) and gold accessories, some of which were designed by Wearstler herself and available at her boutique in Bergdorf-Goodman.  The gold labeled Dom Perignon is an important accessory as well!

gold stemware

 Whether you prefer gold or silver, a little bit of either is a luxe addition to the table.

Dom Perignon Rose champagne

 Don’t forget the bubbly!!  Regular champagne is of course acceptable, but pink champagne is so chic and reminds me of the Doris Day in Pillow Talk days.

organic calla lillies

 A party of white and silver can handle a dose of pretty purple.  To me the calla lilly is the most modern of blooms.

hor d’oeuvres

Simple or fancy, make sure you have plenty of yummy food.  Take advantage of the market for great pre-made options, but homemade is ALWAYS better. 

a cookie cake

For Kevin Sharkey (the decorating editor for Martha Stewart Living) a typical cake wouldn’t due for a recent party he threw, featured in the September 2010 issue of Living.  Stacks on stacks of America’s favorite cookie, the oreo, were displayed on a silver cake stand topped with a festive sparkler.

table by Karl Springer

For a big accent of silver, how about a chrome table with smokey glass by Karl Springer?  Look for something similar at your local vintage shop. 

flowers by Michael George

Stop by George’s flower shop at Bergdorf-Goodman in NYC to pick up an arrangement with signature twisted stems, or go to the market and arrange fresh cuts yourself.

small pedestal by John Dickinson

I’ve always loved the work of John Dickinson, especially these plaster and wood pedestals he designed.  They are small and would be fantastic on top of a white table to give the food you’re presenting some height variation, or to display a simple glass vase of white flowers.  Go to if you want to find yourself an original Dickinson design.

glassware by Ruffian

 Glasses of every type have been dipped, almost frosted with silver.  Designed by Ruffian for Anthropologie.

china from Tiffany & Co.

With dessert or after too many glasses of champagne, bring out a beautiful new or vintage coffee or tea service.  Check out flea markets and consignment shops.  I think the white and silver is super chic.

backgammon set through Vivre

Backgammon on the go!  This roll-away set from can be brought to any table at a moment’s notice. 

the score board
Chanel lipstick

 What a great use for any old lipstick you have lying around…doesn’t have to be Chanel, but a brilliant way to keep score on a nearby mirror.

drink/ping pong bar

 Have all the essentials for drink making at hand as well as the games.  They go hand in hand.

dining to ping pong

 Ping Pong in tuxes and gowns?  Love it!


Dress up for your party in your very best, but have as much fun as you would have in your pajamas!  See Party Time!  

turquoise dice from Ruzzetti & Gow

 No ordinary dice at my party!  Turquoise ones from are the way to go.

Hans Wegner chair

The “wishbone” chair by Hans Wegner now comes in some bright colors like the aqua above or hot pink…it really is hot!  These around any table, antique to Ikea would be so cool!!

Parsons table from West Elm

The classic Parsons table that I have preached about so often would again be a perfect setting for your all-white party or your bold colored party equally.  This could be easily transformed into a ping pong table as seen above.  

Taste Blue collection

 I just discovered these stunning serving pieces.  I love the crisp white that seems as if it had it’s edges dipped in blue that gets deeper in hue at the very edge.  Whether you’re having a multi-course dinner or serving snack foods at your party, these would be lovely vessels for it all!

hourglasses from Roost

These may not actually be needed for most games you play at your soiree, but wouldn’t they make lovely tabletop objects?  Perhaps one could be at each place setting and be a take away gift of the evening.

Eames molded plastic chairs

 I’m not suggesting you have to invest in new furniture for your holiday party, but these Eames chairs (which come in many colors) are a classic piece for a modern or modern meets traditional home.  Check out Design Within Reach for reproductions of all the great furniture from the mid-century.

white with a hint of color

 If you choose to go with all-white dinnerware with white furniture, a refreshing and subtle alternative to white flowers would be green as seen above on Kelly Wearstler’s table and below on Diane von Furstenberg’s.  Adding a colored napkin is an easy way to have a pop too.

snake inspired jewelry

 Don’t just dress the table with fun accessories!  Fill your arm with bangles, cuffs and bracelets.  I love the snake designs that have been around forever and worn by the chicest women in history.  Solid metals are super sophisticated, but the green and blue enamels are to die for as well.

domino set through Vivre

Vivre is a wonderful source for luxe games like dominoes and backgammon.  I love the idea of colorful games on a mostly white table.  

plates by DVF

 Diane von Furstenberg adores animal prints, but always translates them in bold color.

table designed by DVF

 Designed for House Beautiful magazine, Diane paired pieces from her tabletop collection with gold flatware and other accents and simple arrangements of white and green blooms.  White Eames chairs are a perfect mid-century modern touch.

Powerstone plate by Diane von Furstenberg

 Available in February, Diane von Furstenberg created a tabletop collection full of the lively color and prints that make her clothing collections so exuberant.  Through DVF and Bloomingdale’s.


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