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Every artist has a medium that expresses their unique point of view.  Some choose oil, some watercolor.  Others create sculpture made of iron or clay.  Eduardo Garza has a unique medium as well…nature.  Whether it’s semi-precious stones and rock crystals, coral, ostrich eggs, or tortoise and sea shells, you can count on whatever piece that results being a completely jaw-dropping work of art.  I discovered the work of Garza a couple years ago (I can’t even remember where) and have been ADDICTED ever since!  I hope that after you see these pieces and explore further at his website and wonderful shops that display his work that you will be addicted too!!
malachite and gold pull

The Man of Style:  What was the definitive event or experience that made you decide to do what you do?

Eduardo Garza: I have been creating objects since I was a kid, but it was not until I saw one of my pieces at Prince Louis Albert de Broglie’s house in Paris that I decided to dedicate my entire life to designing and creating.

Aid for Aids International Award

Garza created this stunning trophy to give to recipients of the Aid for Aids International award.

pink agate necklace

MOS:  What person, if you could only name one, would you say has had the greatest impact on you in your career?

EG: I learned to make jewelry from one of the last remaining pure blood Aztec Indians in Mexico.  He taught me that there is constructing a piece and there is creating it, that every material used in making a piece of jewelry must have a deep significance. This makes all the difference. I have always carried this learning with me. I strive to create beautiful objects using meaningful materials that have power of their own.

Shop for some fantastic creations by Eduardo Garza, including this necklace.

lucite and semi-precious stone boxes

Visit for an exclusive collection by Eduardo Garza.

objects at Harrod’s London

 His work can be viewed and special ordered at Bergdorf Goodman’s 7th floor in New York.

copper leafed ostrich egg

MOS: What is your ultimate dream project?

EG: I would like to create a large fountain in a gathering place in a city.  A fountain covered from top to bottom with meaningful semiprecious stones and minerals.  I would want it to have an alchemical response in all those who see it, filling them with wonder and awe at how man and nature can come together to create a space so outrageously out of the ordinary.

sun amber necklace

This amber necklace was featured in Vogue magazine.  It was created, along with other pieces, with inspiration from the great artist Frida Kahlo.

seahorse and coral scene
shell mirror

MOS:  What is the key to a successful design?
EG: No design is complete without an appreciative audience.  Successful design inspires a deeper understanding and appreciation of one’s self and of the world one lives in.  There is a kind of emotional education that can only be created through art.

natural curiosities by Eduardo Garza

 Go to for more on his beautiful work and where to buy it.

amethyst point knob

 This is one of my favorite pieces by Garza.  Imagine how a couple of these could transform a dresser or vanity picked up at the flea market!

a hanging ostrich egg by Eduardo Garza

 A room by Jeffrey Bilhuber takes advantage of a sunny window with a sofa that matches it in shape.  Overhanging the pretty purple upholstered window seat is an ostrich egg suspended by a chain of semi-precious stones.  Bilhuber has used this lovely object before, hanging it from a chandelier in Connecticut and over Mariska Hargitay’s bed in Manhattan.

semi-precious stone object

MOS: What do you believe to be the greatest addition to art and design, or who has been the greatest contributor?

EG: The alphabet

sea fan on stand

MOS: What 10 things can you NOT live without?

EG: 1. Out of the blue messages from friends

2. My assistant, Colly

3. Day dreaming

4. Faith in the value of kindness

5. Mexican Food

6. A good night’s sleep

7. Human touch

8. Interesting conversations with interesting people

9. Freedom

10.A connection to nature

mirror with ostrich eggs

 I think you can say that Eduardo has a very strong connection to nature, and has elevated it to an even more beautiful place!


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