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Shall we just say that the April 2011 issue of House Beautiful was very inspirational last week?  It was a good one!
“TJ Toile” by Kravet

1.  I have considered Thomas Jefferson a favorite architect for a long time, in fact, I did a college project based on him.  I designed a modernist meets classicist visitor’s center for Monticello…I love that home!  I was excited to see this fun blueprint fabric featuring Jefferson’s iconic home.  I would use it just like any good toile, in mass quantities.  Walls, bed skirts, upholstered pieces.  What a fantastic guest room this would make.

dining room by Miles Redd
media room by Miles Redd

2.  There is a lot I can say about these exuberant rooms by Miles Redd, however I want to point out the lovely Venetian mirrors at this time.  I’ve been obsessed with them while working on a current project, and these images made that obsession take flight even more.  Ok, I do have to point out a couple other things.  In the dining room I love the celedon vases on brackets, the Moroccan rug and the faux ivory table.  In the “Elizabeth Arden” red media room, as Redd called it, the ikat pillows are so fun, and the cocktail table of inlaid ebony, ivory and tortoise shell is beyond chic!  

bedroom detail

3.  FAUX FINISHES:  More red for Redd, here on a closet door with a faux horn paint treatment on the trim.

room by Miles Redd

More faux, here on a table that has been given a green tortoise effect.

bedroom by Miles Redd

I can’t think of anything more luxurious than a faux horn four-poster bed.  Add a chinoiserie screen and a fur throw, and the luxe factor shoots through the roof!

4.  I had a lovely birthday dinner (not mine) at a charming restaurant called Dinette.  The gnocchi was quite delicious, and the wine even more so.  

a favorite color palette

5.  J.Crew’s fall 2011 collection is already inspiring me.  The super pale grey blue of the sweater with the rusty brown pant…instant color scheme for a room.  I have always loved variations on this combination. 

toothbrush of the month

6.  I found a fun website called that has quirky, yet practical things like these wooden toothbrushes that show the months to use them in.  I know I need a reminder sometimes.

Olof Rudbeck bird prints

7.  A favorite of designer Tom Scheerer, these bird prints by Olof Rudbeck are a favorite of mine as well.  They are best grouped together. 

“Spatter” wall covering by Hinson

8.  I adore this “spatter” print in fabric and wall covering.  Shown above in blue, Tom Scheerer used it in brown (below) with blue fabric tape trimming it all around the room.  This is a boy’s room, but it is sophisticated enough for all rooms. 

bedroom by Tom Scheerer
sitting area by Tom Scheerer

9.  GRANNY CHIC:  This is becoming a bigger part of my aesthetic, the “granny” look.  It’s that mix of slightly cutesy things, floral prints, and antiques with other things like a Saarinen table or exotic Moroccan rug (as seen above).  I still consider myself a modernist at heart, but I am liking more and more a larger degree of formality, detail like trims and fringe, and busier printed fabrics.

guest bedroom by Tom Scheerer

More granny chic in a bedroom featuring a Carlton V. fabric on the walls and candlewick bedspreads. 

fern print by Schumacher
guest bedroom by Tom Scheerer

This home is in Maine, so why not play up the setting a little with a fern print?  It has been modernized with the creation of a long headboard for two twin beds.  This is so fresh and would be a lovely summer retreat.

10.  Sunshine being a more consistent part of the week here in Seattle!


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