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If you have followed my blog for a while now, you may have noticed my love of natural materials like crystals, shells, coral, etc.  I may have even written a post very similar to this one, only with other objects.  Well, it’s my blog and I’ll write all day about rock crystals if I want to!!  Here are a few new and old natural obsessions.

armoire by Patrick Naggar

I just stumbled upon this geode inlaid cabinet by Patrick Naggar, as well as a cocktail table in orange with more colorful geodes.  In researching his work more, I didn’t realize that some other pieces of his have been favorites of mine for quite sometime.  You can find his amazing pieces through or  Ralph Pucci is a favorite furniture and furnishings resource of mine, carrying along with Naggar, pieces by Herve van der Straeten, David Weeks, Eric Schmitt, and Andree Putman.  All fabulous!

natural objects on a man-made yacht

A minimalistic yacht designed by John Pawson gets a dose of nature with pieces by Ruzzetti & Gow, including blue coral and tortoise shells on wooden stands.  The Hans Wegner chairs are also a great addition.

plaster table from Oly

Referencing the work of John Dickinson, this white plaster table would add a whimsical note to modern and traditional spaces.  I could see it nesting under a larger console table with a couple stacks of books on it.  Nature is more than plants and flowers, and includes animals, birds and other wildlife.

shagreen jewelry box from Vivo Studio

Add a little touch of the natural to a dresser or coffee table with small boxes covered in exotic materials like shagreen by Vivo Studio.  Fill a jewelry box like this with beautiful jewelry made of natural materials and rough cut stones by someone like Monique Pean.  Her jewelry is not only stunning, but is echo friendly as well.

peacocks guard a dining room

I adore antique taxidermy, especially peacocks.  The white one is so ethereal in this beautiful San Francisco dining room.  Fresh cut sprigs of ferns and other green foliage are simple tabletop decoration, and play off of the green curtains nicely.  This home was featured in Vogue magazine awhile back.

quartz ring set in rose gold

Rough cut stones, and stones with imperfections are much preferred to a flawless diamond as far as I’m concerned.  Brown diamonds, rose gold and quartz are so lovely together.

rose quartz votive from ABC Carpet & Home

I own a couple of rock crystal votives, but I have yet to get my paws on a rose quartz one such as this.

sea fans and other objects from Ruzzetti & Gow

If you know anything about me, you know how addicted I am to the objects at Ruzzetti & Gow.  The three sea fans shown are an extra big weakness of mine currently.  The colors alone have inspired a home in my head!

the beauty of tortoise shells

I want a whole wall of old tortoise shells in one my future homes, or a client’s home at least.  Think old!  New taxidermy and tortoise shells are completely unacceptable!!  The grass cloth adds another natural texture to this bedroom.

onyx spheres from Oly

On a large tabletop in a foyer or on the ground next to a curved staircase, these glowing orbs of onyx are natural sculpture.

the opulence of nature

What do I love about this grouping?  Well, for starters the cork wall covering is amazing.  I believe it is sold through Phillip Jeffries  The shell encrusted cabinet and onyx sphere are also so pretty.

framed Tahiti shells from Oly
the texture of nature

Shells have their place, like the framed ones above, and the ones under glass.  Do not create a theme with them like in a bathroom, or decorate your Telluride retreat with them.  Think about context always.  I think one exception to my rule is if you have one home that is nowhere near the sea, and you have some shells or sand that were collected from a special trip.  Just be careful how they are displayed.  If you need ideas, feel free to ask!

cuffs and bowls by Ted Muehling

Ted Muehling is highly inspired by nature in all of his work, from his crystal creations for Steuben, to personal work in his New York shop.  

natural objects

Cuffs by Muehling join objects from Ruzzetti & Gow and Oly.  Chinese brushes, usually with semi-precious handles, are a favorite item of mine to use to decorate coffee tables with.  This one has an antler handle for an even more au natural look.  The oversized geode and stone bowl also make amazing tabletop objects.


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