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If you haven’t noticed by now, we’re in the 21st century people!!  Our beautiful earth is starting to show her age (no thanks to us), but we can help turn back the hands of time.  I’m no hippie (not that that’s a bad thing to be), and have no plans on preaching to save the earth beyond doing things proactively myself and gently encouraging others to follow.  Instead, as the Man of Style, I thought I would share some stylish  and simple ways to live the green life!

Patchwork table from Nube Green

More and more home furnishings retailers are turning their efforts to designing beautiful and eco-friendly pieces, either by reusing old finds like barn wood (as seen with this table), or by using more sustainable materials like bamboo or other things that grow back quickly or emit less harmful toxins.  The table shown here is from a local Seattle shop (buying local is also a green effort).  A beautiful bed is also available!  Check out stores like ABC Carpet & Home and Anthropologie for great repurposed and green finds.;

Organic by John Patrick

Organic by John Patrick

Organic by John Patrick

Organic design has become especially prevalent in the fashion world, with many designers using only sustainable fabrics and practices.  John Patrick has one of my favorite lines, aptly named Organic.

vintage table

Even better than buying new furniture pieces for your home is to buy vintage and antiques.  They have already been made, so anything that may have been harmful from making them has already happened and harmful effects from making something new are eliminated.  Check out your local thrift and antique shops, or sites like for some high-end treasures.  Modernists and traditionalists alike can find things!

organic gardens

Think about planting an organic garden, both flowers for cutting, and vegetables and fruits for eating.  Ask your local garden shop expert how to get started…it’s easier than you think!  The Obama’s have an organic garden at the White House, so be inspired.  For giving the gift of flowers not from your garden, check out for organically grown and certified flowers.  I love the white and purple calla lilies especially right now.

organic skin care

Skin care products both pricey and not are taking over the market aisles.  Look for both the product’s components as well as how it’s made.  Fair Trade is a good thing!  Red Flower makes some great things.  The Laundress is a great resource for high-quality and eco-conscience products for the laundry room and beyond.  I love their wooden scrub brushes made from reclaimed wood, and linen sprays.

shopping for a cause

Shop like you give a damn!  Events like Christie’s Green Auction partner with designers like Stella McCartney to auction off goods (usually eco-minded ones) with proceeds going all or in-part to causes to help keep the planet healthy.

Karmen Pedaru wearing Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney is not only one of my favorite designers, but she strives to keep the earth vibrant by not only using organic fabrics when able to, but also by contributing to good Earth causes.  Her clothing is also vegan with not a drop of leather or fur to be found.  Cheers Stella!

recycled wall coverings

For the artists and crafts people out there, be inspired by…well, trash.  Being creative with things like scraps of paper and fabric can make some beautiful things.  Jo Lynn Alcorn is one such artist that covers walls in pieces of paper to stunning effect.

Euro Condom by Ingo Maurer

Electricity and lighting is another important way to be eco-conscience.  Look for energy-efficient bulbs to replace others in your lamps and fixtures.  Ask your local hardware store.  Lighting artist Ingo Maurer’s Euro Condom is a humorous statement to Europe’s somewhat recent ban on frosted bulbs.  I just had to share it!


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