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I know I’ve been VERY inconsistent with my 10 Things posts…so sorry loyal blog readers!  It’s back as August draws to a close (but hopefully not summer).  You may notice a theme that was not planned, but once I noticed I just went full throttle with it.  Please feel free to mention what that theme is (your comments are much appreciated)!!

The September Issue

1.  The much-anticipated September issue of Vogue arrived at my door not too long ago with the stunning Kate Moss on the cover, shot by Mario Testino.  Before I actually received it, I saw the cover online and tried to guess who she was wearing.  I was right when I said Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen.

Pierre Hardy fall 2011

2.  I saw this plum velvet and rose gold heel by Pierre Hardy awhile back, but then became obsessed with it all over again when Vogue featured it as a Last Look in the September issue.

Natalia Vodianova in Givenchy

3.  Violets are apparently in bloom for fall.  Natalia Vodianova wears a head-to-toe look by Ricardo Tisci for Givenchy fall 2011.  Love the snarl too!

Tom Ford's new fragrance

4.  Lara Stone lies among a bed of violets in an ad I first saw in the September issue of Vogue.  Tom Ford has a full beauty line, both makeup and skin care, coming out this fall, which Stone is also showing off very well.

Lady Gaga in Tom Ford

5.  Lady Gaga is NOT one of my 10 Things, especially after her appearance dressed as a man at the MTV VMA’s this month.  Her dress by Tom Ford, however, is a favorite thing I discovered this month.  I’m glad she didn’t go crazy with the styling either.  Her simple blonde hair, red nails, and white sunglasses look great with the lace detail dress from Mr. Ford’s fall 2011 collection.  And yes, I agree her bodyguard looks pissed off!

6.  Beyonce was the touch of sophisticated non-annoying pop star I needed at the VMA’s.  Her performance was AMAZING, and her way of sharing her big news of having a baby was priceless.  The song was the perfect way of sharing, and Jay-Z was a proud papa-to-be in the audience.  Adele was also a nice addition to the show among all the over-hyped “musicians.”  She is so talented!

Stella McCartney clutch

7.  Stella McCartney has some amazing small clutches for fall.  Clutches are after all the bag of the season!  Shell with either regular or silvered brass can be found at her website now.

Provence dinnerware

8.  A purple tabletop sounds lovely going into fall.  I’m not saying to buy all purple plates, glasses, tablecloth, etc.  This shade is just a fave of mine and looks especially great in the autumn.   A visit to Crate & Barrel today reaffirmed my love.  Use the color with complimentary tones like shades of green from emerald to olive, or a saffron yellow.

Max dinnerware

Matte white outside meets lacquered plum inside.  I would mix and match this with the Provence dinnerware (above).

Folio leather chair

This plum leather chair is so modern, but would look amazing with a more traditional, even antique, wood table.

Peony plate

I’ve never seen a purple peony, but I sure want one on my plate (not to eat).  The Man of Style recommends these as dessert plates even though they are listed as dinner plates.

Marimekko Sukat Makkaralla pitcher

Marimekko is best known for their fabrics, and has many exclusive offerings from Crate & Barrel.  This pitcher is a stray from their bedding and upholstery collections, and I love it!  I would use it as an impromptu vase as well.

room by Jeffrey Bilhuber

9.  This particular photo shoot of actress Mariska Hargitay’s former NYC home is an all-time favorite of mine, and I JUST found it online!  Perfect design by Jeffrey Bilhuber, and perfect styling by Town & Country magazine!  Notice the pops of purple, from the violet velvet chairs, to the pale lilac sofa, and even the flowers.  They mix so well with the water blue rug, and neutrals in light and dark tones.

sitting pretty

Hargitay’s love of family photos shines here with an ever-changing easel in front of a bookshelf lined with frames.

Azure sofa

Clara chair

10.  Pale purple upholstery is a great idea as far as I’m concerned.  I saw both this tufted sofa and chair at Crate & Barrel today grouped together.  They both look so much better in person.  I would most likely not put them right next to each other, but for sure in a large room with multiple seating groupings, or just in different rooms in the house.


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