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I’ve noticed something lately, and I’m not quite sure what it was that sparked the observance, but I’m seeing a lot of geometric references in fashion and design.  I wasn’t a huge fan of math in school, but this trend is something I can get an A in!

See-through knob by Carl Martinez

A simple square knob with a circle cut out of it is a fun play on shapes.  These would be so chic on a chest of drawers or bedside tables where you need a small amount of them.

windows at Tiffany & Co.

The current display at the Tiffany & Co. here in Seattle at Pacific Place takes the three-dimensional idea as a way to feature some of their new pieces.  I’m really liking the tri-color (white, yellow, and rose gold) “shelves.”  It reminds me of a certain French jeweler and one of their signature collections.

Pierre Hardy shoe

One of my favorite shoe designers, Pierre Hardy, who has collaborated with Hermes and Gap on top of keeping amazing designs in shops under his namesake, loves this cubic trend more than anyone else.  From the actual shoe designs, to his marketing, and even his shop design, you’ll see plenty of squares and cubes.

Pierre Hardy bootie

Pierre Hardy shoe

Pierre Hardy men’s sneaker

More designs for men and women featuring a three-dimensional scheme.  I want those sneakers so badly!!

Pierre Hardy ad campaign

Pierre Hardy laptop bag

This bag will surely give you super powers.  Fashion is my kryptonite. It all makes me weak in the knees (if it’s good).

Pierre Hardy boot

A cut-out design still reads as three-dimensional.  Why haven’t I seen these on one of the ever-present pop stars of the moment?

Preen fall 2011

Preen fall 2011

For fall 2011, Preen added a bit of this design to pretty blouses, dresses, skirts, and knits.

Optical Illusion box at Barneys

I love decorative boxes and would happily start a collection of them like actress Mariska Hargitay, who owns lovely ones from Ruzzetti & Gow.  This one is from Barney’s, and is among many stunning choices.

dining room by Muriel Brandolini

Designer Muriel Brandolini covered a dining room wall with boxes in different sizes and depths, some open some not.  Various treasured objects were then used to fill them.  And speaking of treasure, I’m coveting that light fixture by my favorite metal artist Herve van der Straeten.

acrylic and driftwood stool

Also from Barney’s, a stool mixing man-made and natural elements is a must-have for any home, modern or traditional.  Reclaimed driftwood has been set into clear acrylic and makes for quite the treat for the eye.

silver-coated wood stool

Another stool, this time from Design Within Reach, takes more reclaimed wood and glams it up by dipping it in a silver coating.

Bottega Veneta spring 2012

Tomas Maier likes jewelry and often features it among his looks for Bottega Veneta.  This necklace on Liu Wen is a bold modern statement piece.

Stella McCartney clutch

A clutch (the must-have bag for fall) by Stella McCartney takes geometry in another direction, with piecing various shapes together in horn and wood.

Goyard trunk with Assouline books

Leather-goods maker Goyard has made geometry its signature for decades with its printed pattern.  My favorite publisher Assouline teamed up with them for a limited edition trunk filled with amazing books. and

room by Miles Redd

living room by Miles Redd

Decorator Miles Redd took the classic idea of a painted marble floor and brought it into the 21st century.  The 3-tone floor looks so chic with the mix of modern and traditional furnishings, and bold fabrics.


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