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We’re almost there ladies and gentleman!  Christmas is 10 days away!  If you’re still stressed about a perfect gift that is a little extraordinary, look no further than your local small business shops!  Most feature things made locally, or one-of-a-kind pieces by artists and craftspeople.  My Seattle neighborhood offers so much gift-giving potential.  Other benefits of shopping local (besides the economic simulation) is that most of the shops offer more personalized service, and won’t have nearly the same level of craziness and long lines.  Happy local shopping!

origami ornaments

Edison lamp by Roost

Shop #1:  Area 51 offers home furnishings, tabletop items, and furniture in the era of mid-century modern.  New pieces by companies like Roost are mixed with reproductions and vintage pieces by the likes of Hans Wegner,

cheeses from The Calf & Kid

Shop #2:  The Calf & Kid has the most amazing selection of cheeses and is within the Melrose Market that houses other fine foods, and more.  I wouldn’t recommend putting cheese under the tree, but this would make a great gift to take to a holiday fete.

men’s shoes from Edie’s

women’s shoes from Edie’s

Shop #3:  Edie’s has a chic selection of men’s and women’s shoes that lean towards a more vintage vibe.

book by Annie Leibovitz

Shop #4:  Elliott Bay Book is the most amazing book store this book addict could ever ask for!  I was just there for a book signing and reading by photographer Annie Leibovitz.  Very exciting!

baby clothing from Flora & Henri

girls clothing

boys clothing

Shop #5:  Flora and Henri has the most adorable selection of apparel and accessories for babies, girls, and boys.  Pieces are also mixed in, like Hansa stuffed animals, and egg vases by Ted Muehling.

maple dominoes

mismatched socks

ceramic bowls

handmade soap

reclaimed wood bud vases

Shop #6:  Nube Green lives up to its name by being a shop full of gifts, apparel, and things for the home that have a focus on being earth conscience and handmade.  Items are sourced both locally and from small independent merchants from around the country.  Fun items include lighting made from scrap parts, furniture covered in vintage blankets, and Stark’s green paint collection.

Sugarpill Apothecary

teas, soap and more!

Shop #7:  Sugarpill is heaven for the tea lover and is the place for gifts that pamper.  It’s a perfectly sized shop filled with gorgeous tea accoutrements and apothecary.

wood pedestal vase

bud vases by Roost

Ranier bud vase

leaf platters

selenite candleholders

shell boxes

wood pedestals with shells

shell mirrors

brass spoon

colored pencil set

Shop #8:  Velocity Art & Design is another great local source for all things modern and cool.  Local products are mixed with products from shops elsewhere, like Roost, who has a focus on designing and creating products with nature and thoughtfulness to the planet in mind (a big Seattle focus).  I’ve shown mostly products by Roost, whom I own a few things by.


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